Former NFL player Derek Wolfe says he microdosed mushrooms before games

Make room, Lawrence Taylor, There is a new contender for probably the most drug-ridden gaming expertise. Whereas Derek Wolfe wasn’t anyplace close to the human wrecking ball that was LT, his Mushroom and Adderall pregame cocktail is a modernized, tempered tackle the cocaine-fueled tales that emerged from the Giants locker room within the ’80s.

“Earlier than the video games I took microdoses. . . . I am taking mushrooms and Adderall earlier than I play,” Wolfe mentioned in Joe Rogan Podcast.

“Dude, the fucking mild bulb is uncontrolled. I would just get pissed off earlier than video games, so I would begin serious about my childhood, all of the shit I went by way of as a child. And I might go into this fucking rage mode. It was like a madly managed rage.”

I shared that tweet for 2 causes, and neither was redundancy. I am going to get to the paralysis reality later, however I need you to take a better take a look at Von Miller in that photograph.

That is the face you make proper after your teammate tells you that they have been raving about childhood recollections, mushrooms, and Adderall.

What’s up Derek? Are you OK?

“Yeah, I am simply making an attempt to determine why my father by no means liked me, if these visions are actual, and what I do when the guard pulls that pitching play.”


To be truthful, I do not suppose Wolfe was chewing a bunch of caps, however I do not know of ​​the consequences of microdosing. All I’ve is an outdated roommate* who drank boomer tea for a couple of month. He additionally handed out each different night time, and I needed to shake him awake one night time whereas he was in the midst of the toilet, peeing asleep on the sofa, so I do not suppose it is the identical factor.

(*Okay, I’ve had about 25 roommates in my life, and he is not the one one who peed on a sofa, so I am not singling anybody out. However you understand who you might be.)

Wolfe went on to say that his magical elixir took his, um, blabbering to a distinct degree.

“Simply, rattling, an fool. Saying wild and loopy issues to quarterbacks. I informed a man that I used to be going to eat his kids. He was loopy. . . .

“That is what you do, man. It is a thoughts sport. I am making an attempt to get into his head.

It was at this level within the interview that Rogan ripped off his shirt, knowledgeable Wolfe that he does key pictures to get by way of podcast binge-watching, and challenged Wolfe to a ladder match. Okay, I made that final half up. The opposite issues. That occurred, together with this.

Yeah, about that standstill story… what the heck, man?

My apologies if I am late to this story. The aggregators I observe apparently do not hearken to Rogan’s podcast (and who may blame them).

Right here is the story.

“I used to be paralyzed for 3 hours and performed two weeks later.

“I could not transfer. He was caught on the bottom. It was like he melted me, it was the weirdest feeling, man.

“The medical doctors wished me to remain within the hospital, however the group medical doctors mentioned ‘you are superb, we are able to go’ on the group aircraft again to Denver.

“‘It was depressing, each time they touched me, my arms would go numb … and I am a defensive lineman, so I get hit within the head on each play.”

Derek Wolfe was left briefly paralyzed after a spinal bruise; Performed 2 weeks later

The eight-year skilled mentioned it was then that he realized “they do not care about us.”

He isn’t incorrect; I simply thought it was a reality. I imply, Damar Hamlin virtually died on the sphereand the NFL will let him play once more in the event that they clear it.

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