WEEI radio’s Chris Curtis throws an apparent insult at Mina Kimes on air

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Radio is a tough gig. There are hours of segments to fill, and on days of little information, plenty of time. for extemporaneously babbling about nothing, and that is when issues can go off the rails. That’s precisely what occurred with WEEI Radio. The Greg Hill Present On Wednesday. Throughout a section on his “the 5 greatest pinches”, the hosts mentioned varied kinds of laborious liquor. The theme was seemingly flowing easily till producer Chris Curtis got here off the highest rope and chimed in saying, “It’d most likely be Mina Kimes,” then appeared awkwardly across the room hoping to seek out out. anybody understood his joke.

It wasn’t simply holding his nostril comedy, as a result of he sucked a lot that nobody laughed at him, however his weak try at humor was additionally an ethnic slur. For many who do not know, “Nip” is a racial slur for a Japanese particular person, whereas Mina Kimes is of Korean descent. It takes an enormous funding in Asian slurs to get that one in your thoughts financial institution, and even worse judgment to strive it out on air.

In an try to mitigate the pushback, Curtis chalked up his derogatory joke to a mix-up. The WEEI firm informed the Chad Finn of the Boston Globe that Curtis botched the joke by conflating “Mina Kimes” with “Mila Kunis.”

It is uncommon that you just get an apology to make issues worse, however Curtis truly dipped his toe in feces twice. Slips of the tongue occur every now and then, however even the reason boggles the thoughts. I am nonetheless attempting to find out the that means of the joke behind the WEEI excuse and Curtis spent the complete morning attempting to conjure up, apparently An ill-conceived try at a pun on “pinch” as in “nipple”? Butthat looks like an exaggeration. It was actually silly.

To spotlight the absurdity of Curtis’s excuse, Mina Kimes modified her Twitter profile image to a headshot of Mila Kunis.

Mina Kimes appears to be taking all of this in stride, however one thing tells me Mila Kunis goes to be confused the following time she logs into Twitter.

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